Model scrisoare de intentie engleza

 Va prezentam mai jos un model de scrisoare de intentie in linma engleza pentru aplicarea la un masterat in domeniul Marketing. Modelul este usor de adaptat pentru orice domeniu si poate fi actualizat nu numai pentru aplicarea la programe educationale cat si pentru aplicarea pentru un loc de munca.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to submit to your attention my application letter for your Master Program “Marketing”.

I am presently enrolled in my final year (my 4th year)   at the Academy of Economical Studies from Bucharest, at the Faculty of Marketing

My academic layout has always been doubled by a very active professional activity. Highly interested in business and its implications in the ever growing economical world, I tried to apply the theoretical knowledge in precise projects. As such, I was accepted as a Marketing Trainee by [Company name] and worked together with highly skilled professionals for the implementation of various marketing projects in the commercial area and organized marketing campaigns. Furthermore, I functioned as a Project and Team Manager for different task oriented small projects, for a variety of well known brands, as [Brand name] and others. This experience allowed me to develop my skills in designing marketing plans and organizing teams for implementing marketing strategies.

Throughout my experience as a student and my work I have developed greatly my communication and creative skill.

At ease in public relations, I organized various student comities and conferences given by various lecturers on many subjects, as economics, marketing and global markets.

Attending the Master in Marketing would be a natural next step, allowing me to acquire new skills and qualities in the field of Economics. I hope you will find useful to show me your confidence and enable me to continue my academic career and my personal development in such a fine academic program as yours.

You will find more details in my attached resume.   I stay at your full disposal for further inquiries.

[Your name]


Scrisoarea de intentie poate fi descarcata de la 

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