Scrisoare de recomandare 2

Va prezentam 3 modele de scrisori de recomandare din partea profesorilor pentru aplicarea la studii in strainatate, burse, masterate, scoli de vara etc precum si pentru aplicarea pentru un post. Scrisorile sunt usor adaptabile si prezinta niste linii generale si recomandari pentru scrierea de scrisori de recomandare.

Puteti descarca cele 3 modele de scrisori de recomandare de la urmatorul link:


To Whom It May Concern:


[Name] is a motivated and dedicated person. As His/her [Subject] Professor, I have seen many examples of His/her talent and have been impressed by His/her diligence and work ethic. I understand that [Name] is applying to the master program at your school. I would like to recommend him/her for admission.


[Name] has outstanding organizational skills. He/she is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. As part of a semester project, he/she developed several innovative programs for his/her semester project. He/she has also organized a series of seminars handling [Subject Name] and getting students familiar with the advantages and the tricks behind using a particular [Subject Name].

I must also make note of [Name]’s exceptional academic performance.

[Name] has got great grades at all the subjects which I have taught to His/her. His/her above-average performance is a direct result of His/her hard work and strong focus.

If your master program is seeking superior candidates with a record of achievement, [Name] is an excellent choice. He/she has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that he/she must face.

To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for [Name]. If you have any further questions regarding [Name]’s ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information on this letterhead.


Professor [Professor Name]



Puteti descarca cele 3 modele de scrisori de recomandare de la urmatorul link:


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